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  1. present participle of tout

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In British English, a tout is any person who solicits business or employment in an importune manner (generally equivalent to a solicitor in American English).
A ticket tout is someone who engages in ticket resale for more than the face value of the ticket (though a ticket reseller is known colloquially as a scalper rather than a solicitor in North American parlance).
Another example would be a person who frequents heavily touristed areas and presents himself as a tour guide (particularly towards those who do not speak the local language). In a similar fashion a tout would be someone who, acting upon his own initiative, loads or unloads the baggage from a bus, then demands payment for his services from the passengers. Some touts operate in holiday areas on behalf of local bars, restaurant or hotels, being paid to direct tourists towards certain establishments. However, in Kenya, which was a British colony, a tout is a legitimate, though not very respected occupation. Touts ride on "matatus," minivans that serve as the primary form of public transportation, collecting the fare and soliciting passengers.
In gambling parlance, a tout is a person who sells sports betting information to bettors. Another use for the term is when used to refer to an informer or spy. This use is very common in Northern Ireland, particularly in Belfast.


According to American Bar Association :: Touting: Where a person advertises, promotes, or otherwise describes a security for sale without disclosing that the person is being paid to do so.
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